One and a Half of Each Please!!

Hey there! I was going to write this post yesterday but then I realized I hadn’t taken pictures of the stuff I had read or made so that is why I am doing it today instead. I made two things (more like 1 1/2)  and read two (well really more like 1 1/2 things) for this post.  First of all lets talk about what I made.

I made this skirt.


There is a blog post with instructions on how to do it here. I then started following the blog that it is on as well. Anyway, the fabric I used was rainbow bicycle fabric because I thought it was cute plus now I can wear it pretty much with whatever color I want. I had to get more fabric than it said on the site so you might have to as well. I consulted my mother who sews a lot more than I do but less than my grandmother and she told me how much I would need. The other thing I did differently was I gathered my skirt fabric before I attached the elastic instead of attaching it like it suggested in the instructions. I didn’t trust myself to pin it correctly and gathering just seemed easier. Also I used thicker elastic not that it mattered that much anyway. It turned out cute though and I sewed something so all in all I think it was a good idea to do this.

I also painted these keys.


There is a blog that tells you how to do this too but I can just explain it since it is super easy. I ordered this freaking keys off of Ebay like two years ago. I wanted to make necklaces out of them since I bought them but I have never gotten around to it. I lost them for a while too but recently I found them so I finally decided to make the dang necklaces already. I painted 3 of them with nail polish, the ones in the middle of the picture, and then spray painted clear seal stuff over them all so they wouldn’t chip or rust or anything like that. It was super easy and only took a few hours. I found that nail polishes that were less thick worked better. You can take the polish off the keys with nail polish remover but it takes a long time. Also I suggest wearing gloves when you paint them because my hands were awful nail polish-y when I got done. I just have to go to the bead store so I can get some necklace chain and then I will be done.

Now onto what I read.

I finished the book Joyland by Steven King. Sorry for the upside down-ness of the picture I am just too lazy to save it, flip it around, then save it again. Anyway, this was supposed to be a mystery novel but the mystery part didn’t really come in until the end. It was a really good book though. Just don’t go into it expecting it to be a mystery novel from start to finish because the mystery part gets put on the back burner for a lot of the novel. Basically it’s about this kid who gets a summer job at a theme park called Joyland. He breaks up with his college girlfriend, dances in a dog suit for some kids, meets some new friends, and ends up almost getting killed. All in all it was an enjoyable book but it’s not one of my favorites. Also my favorite character turned out to be the murderer which made me kinda mad. It rates a “meh” on the should you read it scale.


I have saved the best for last. I got the new Chronicles of Nick book Inferno at Barnes and Noble yesterday and I am already almost halfway through it. I have read all of the Nick books, as my friend and I call them, and I was sooooooo excited when my friend told me that a new one had come out. Unfortunately I was not destined to have it until yesterday. I had asked for it for my birthday but I didn’t get it. I then had no money to buy it. Then when I had money it wasn’t at Walmart or Target when I went there. I finally have it now though and it is soooo good. If you don’t know these books they are about a kid who lives in New Orleans and fights monsters, he also might become a monster but I can’t really talk about that part of it without spoilers so I won’t. There are a lot of other cool characters in the series as well and I definitely think that everyone on the planet Earth should read the series because they are incredibly well written. It’s one of those books where it seems you have only been reading for an hour yet you are already half way through the book. It’s just so good. The entire series rates a “Hell Yeah!” on the should you read it scale. Also this picture is sideways for the same reason the other one is upside down.


In other exciting news I got a new bookmark. It’s a Doctor Who one and it is super awesome. Since the 50th is coming out soon they have a ton of Doctor Who stuff at Barnes and Noble so I recommend checking it out. Also if you wanted to send me the T.A.R.D.I.S. cookie jar they have there I wouldn’t mind. Here is a picture of my bookmark to end this post. Once again picture is upside down for lazy reasons.  Until next time go read something and stay classy internet people.



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